Friday, July 22, 2011

Two Disparate Cases of Police Stopping Folks Legally Carrying A Firearm

Watch the videos below. The first is a long one but well worth watching all of it so you see most of what went on during the stop of a person who was apparently legally carrying a concealed firearm. Whether or not the suspect actually was or was not soliciting a prostitute does not give the officers, in my opinion, any reason, right or excuse to act as they acted. It would have given them the right to arrest him and to seize the weapon in a professional manner but that is probably a mute point as the person they believed was a prostitute was run off by the officers and not arrested or charged.

That I believe the officers did not have a right to act as they did especially applies to the officer who rages on and on and on but it definitely applies to both. In my almost 32 years as an LEO, that has to rank, in my opinion, among the top 10  3 worst stops I have ever witnessed as far as suspect control or lack of it went, as far as officer mindset went, as far as the officers placing themselves in jeopardy went, and as far as an officer being unprofessional went. All that, let alone, possible crimes, torts and right violations committed by the officers and it was one big mess.

After you have watched the first video, click on the second and watch it. It is much shorter in length. The officer in it is of a very different mindset that the officers in the first video. The disparity is significant and the officer in the first video would have done himself well had he learned to be a bit more like the one in the second video, or so is my opinion, and that goes regardless of the either officers' personal feelings about civilians carrying firearms.

So, what do you think? I think that the officer(s) in the first video will soon be fired (at least one may even wind up being charged criminally), the suspect will be exonerated of any and all charges, and that he will wind up fairly rich after a successful lawsuit against Canton, OH or at least against its police department. That, of course, is just my guess. I also think the officer in the second video will have a long and great career in his police department and that he will be a credit to that department. Since it is a crazy world in which we live, I will not be betting my house on any of my predictions for either the first two officers or the one in the second video. I will wish that officer, the one in the second video, a long, safe, and prosperous career; he seems a true professional.

In closing let me ask you to do one more thing: Just imagine how the cop in the first video would have reacted had he found out his armed citizen had been making a video tape of the stop! I shudder to think of the consequences.

All the best,
Glenn B


Kansas Scout said...

I ran into the Ohio clip this morning and I am outraged beyond the telling.
Good idea to juxtaposition these two clips. Us non-LEO's must remember that the vast majority of you LEO's are decent people and not like this officer who was nearly completely out of control.

Glenn B said...

LEOs are like anyone else. There are good ones, bad ones, sane ones, calm ones, nice ones, grumpy ones, ones who have bad days and it gets to them, ones who flip out for whatever reason, and ones like all those things at one time or another combined. Then again, there are those who are inherently bad and ones who are psyschos. I don't know which was that officer, the one who flipped out, but I tend to think he was one of the psychos for whatever reason, but that is just my opinion. I think he needs help and I think he needs off the PD, maybe forever, otherwise definitely at least until helped and better.