Sunday, December 5, 2010

I Should Have Grabbed A Road Killed Deer...

...propped it up next to me with my hunting tag proudly displayed on it and then taken several pictures of me with it and my hunting rifle or shotgun. That way I could have told you all I was the great white hunter of legend and lore and that I had bagged one this year after all of my preparations for the hunt. Truth be told I squat, nada, zilch, not a thing. I had thought I would be hunting yesterday or today, my last chance day for this season but that fell through. I just have too much left to do in anticipation of the cruise my wife and I are taking at the beginning of next week. We leave on Friday for our embarkation city, spend a couple of nights there then shove off on Sunday. Oh well - there is next year for the deer. My son did not get one either so next year for him too because he did not have time to go back and try again this year.

Instead of going hunting today, like I had hoped, I will need to go shopping for a few presentable articles of clothing and a decent pair of shoes. I guess I ought to have something a bit more dressy than khakis and pullovers and my one suit with my one dress shirt that fits me. So a shopping I will go. Maybe I can kill two birds with one stone and have better luck than when I went hunting by getting some Christmas shopping done while I am at it.

Then I am going to pack my bags for the trip. Since I get home between 7 and 9 each night from work, I doubt there will be much time for me to do that during the week. I doubt I will feel like it either. Thursday is our office holiday party so that means I won't be in the mood for anything except sleep that night. Have to make sure not to overdo it and to leave the arty early if I want to be up early enough on Friday for our trip.

After packing, I have to make time to go to visit my mom. I probably will not have the chance to see her again before Christmas when I pick her up for the family get together at my sister's house. Well my side of the family anyhow, the in-laws will be over to our house the day after Christmas.

I suppose there will be other things to do today too. I have some things for the soldier's Holiday Care package so I'll probably make one of them up. May shop for more stuff for that today too since this is the last week before Christmas week that I will be able to ship one out. I may as well get em all out now regardless of my trip just to make sure they make it before Christmas and while Hanukkah is still ongoing. Also need to blog about the reply I got from Mike ____ about the packages - he appreciates them very much and thanks all of you who have helped out with them.

Gotta run, later for all of you,

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