Friday, November 7, 2008

Foot Locker Full of Ammo

Well, I went ahead and got a count of all of the boxes of ammunition inside of my ammo locker which just happens to be a mid to late 1940's foot locker. Without giving a hint as to how many boxes of ammo are in there, that would ruin the contest, let me just say that I was surprised by just what was the number of boxes. One thing I will tell you is how I counted. I counted each full and partial box as one box of ammo. When it came to boxes within boxes, I counted only the inner boxes that actually contained the ammo. In other words, if there was a brick of .22LR, and it was full, then I counted 10 boxes because there are 10 boxes in each full brick. Likewise for collectors ammo in tin boxes, I only counted the boxes of ammo inside the outer box.

Now two people have already entered, and without telling you what they guessed, I can say pretty much for a fact that my telling you how I counted will not have effected whether or not there guesses were close to the correct number, that is unless all others guess around the same numbers as did they. If that happens then I'll figure out what to do, probably a name pull from a hat. My bet though is that someone else will guess much closer to the actual number, and it will not matter how I counted.

Take a look at the link, then give it your best shot. Good luck.

All the best,
Glenn B

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