Thursday, November 13, 2008


Not long after I first passed the test for the U.S. Border Patrol Agent position - oh way back in around 1977 or 78 - and was then offered the job - I had to undergo what is called a full field background investigation. This was done to make sure that I was the kind of a guy to whom the United States of America could trust its secrets, and to make sure that I was the caliber of person who could be entrusted with enforcing the laws of this great land. Each and every 5 years since then (with one glaring exception that I can think of) I have been required to undergo similar background investigations. Heavens only know how I could have changed my loyalties within each of those 5 year periods and become a spy, or something like that, for the other side. Truth be told I am currently the subject of one of these investigations right now, this despite the fact that I have openly been stating my intent to retire in about 13 months, and despite the fact that I will be subject to mandatory retirement in a little less than 4 years. I should also point out when my last BGI was due - or no - maybe I had better not embarrass anyone in our government over that one.

Mind you, I am not complaining. I think that each and every person who has access to any sort of classified materials should have to undergo and pass a background investigation. That includes my boss, his boss, her boss, his boss all the way up to the top man. Yep - you guessed it. he top man in the federal Executive Branch of government - the branch by which I am employed - is the President of The United States of America. Now I understand that rank has its privileges, and although I readily admit I do not always agree with that concept I can agree that the President should have some additional privileges over the regular guy or gal. The thing is though, when it comes to National Security, there should be no quarter given to anyone regarding their worthiness of being given access to classified materials - none whatsoever. This is the whole thing I do not understand about the man who is our President Elect. He reportedly has obvious long term ties to a racist, hate mongering preacher who damned America, he reportedly has obvious long term ties to and planned part of his political career along with a known radical militant/terrorist, yet he is deemed fit to be made aware of the most secret information concerning the welfare of our nation. Sure, I know - he claims not to have known the true side of his preacher even after attending his church for about 20 years; and he claims less than friendship with a guy allegedly responsible for bombing the U.S. Capital and other places, and for killing police and injuring officer(s). Furthermore he says that he was only, what was it, 8 years old when those alleged terrorist activities of his associate took place - so how could he be responsible.

Well allow me to assure you of one thing. He is and should be held accountable for the associations that he knowledgeably makes and maintains throughout his life. He had knowledge of the alleged, and self admitted, Weather Underground Activities of William (Bill) Ayers; yet he chose him if not as a friend (as most see their relationship) then as an associate with whom he has maintained and cultivated that association over many years. If such an association was dug up in my personal history, during one of the many background investigations that have taken place during my career, and it was shown I had knowledge of the background of my associate and that said background was terrorism, what do you think would have happened to me. At the very least I would have been investigated more thoroughly. I probably would have been interrogated at length to determine the extent of my collaborations or associations with such people. In the long run, had such an association been founded, I would in all likelihood been denied my security clearance and therefore I would have been fired. This does not only hold true for me - this holds true for virtually every employee of the Executive Branch of our government. In other words every law enforcement officer, every special agent, every file clerk, every administrative assistant, every inspector, every officer, every computer operator, every mail room clerk all the way up to every director of any agency with the Executive Branch of Government. That is if of course if I had already passed my initial BGI and had gotten the job in the first place. If such information had been revealed in my initial BGI I would never have gotten the job to begin with.

So can anyone out there tell me how it is, that a man with such questionable associations can be given access to the most secret information that our government has within its files? I mean it! Give me a rational, logical, legal, answer that fully explains the regulations about how anyone can be given such information despite the fact that there seemingly is no way possible that he could pass the same BGI that I am required to pass every 5 years. In my opinion, it is an absolute failure of the system to allow this to happen. Each and every person who is given access to those secrets should have to pass, in my opinion, the same test to show they are loyal beyond a doubt and therefore are worthy of being entrusted with the same. By the way, I do not mean just the current President Elect, this should go for each and every President Elect, as well as to every politician who gains access to classified material. I bring it up now, meaning no disrespect, only because I am reminded of all this by way of my current BGI, and because of the current situation surrounding the questionable background of our President Elect - a situation I have never heard of before with regard to any President Elect throughout our Nation's history. How is it now that we, the rest of the members of the Executive Branch of our government are expected to look up to this man as our soon to be chief executive, and how is it that we are to hold ourselves to a higher standard than that to which he is held remebering, after all, he is soon to become the President? It is just baffling, but I will do my best to respect him and his office so long as he upholds The Constitution of the United States of America - the very same thing I am sworn to uphold and protect.

All the best,
Glenn B


Jungle Mom said...

There is no rational answer. Sadly, I would say we have raised a generation of selfish, uneducated fools who now get to vote.

Christopher Hamilton said...

Great post Glenn, I hope everything works out for you. I think the country is going to realize eventually who Barack Obama is.

Glenn Bartley said...

Don't get me wrong, I am not necessarily that an association with a dirt-bag like Ayers should disqualify someone from a political or civil service position, nor am I saying that President Elect Obama did anything necessarily wrong by associating with him; although I do think, in my personal opinion, it was in bad form. I am saying that at least the association should be investigated to the full extent to make sure of whether or not access to classified material is warranted. Chances are such access would be denied for anyone else who was investigated for the same association. I am definitely saying that just because someone is a popular choice for a political office does not mean that any less of a BGI should be performed.

Mulligan said...

hands free earmuffs

people can cover their ears and chant "I can't hear you" over and over while they vote.

if there were no earmuffs they would be forced to choose between hearing the truth or voting.