Sunday, February 10, 2008

England no longer is...

...England or ruled by English law. The British as seen here aparentlyalready have lost he war, the Muslims have taken over by at least in some ways ignoring the British legal system and implementing sharia law in defiance of English law. The truly sad thing is that the Brits are letting them do this. The law of the land is for each and every person in the land. There should be no, absolutely no special provision made for someone becaus eof their religion or lack of religion. Hang em high should apply to all if justified, religion should have nothing to do with it, only the law of the land should decide the fate of the criminal. Too bad, I had hoped to visit England in the future. As it is I will not now for fear of becoming subject to sharia law.

All the best,
Glenn B
Citizen of a country ruled by Constitutional Law!

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Jungle Mom said...

If this keeps up, we are all doomed!!!