Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Off To The Hunt...

The Spackling is dry,
Primed are the walls
So Soon I will fly -
a hunting trip calls.
The Gear is in a stash
In the trunk of my car
I'm off to get some cash
Or I won't get too far.
Then into the night
I'll head the old Ford
Oh what a site
an old fat man aboard
Well that would be me
headed off to the hunt
and quite hopeful to see
a deer that's not a runt.
All the best,
Glenn B
No blogging until Sunday...


MightyMom said...

well if it's a runt you feel free to just send it on down here! :-)

happy hunting...

jennifer said...

Glenn...a closet poet and quiet funny too..

be safe hope to see pictures!

Jungle Mom said...


Anonymous said...

... good hunting, Glenn!...


Steve said...

Good luck, Glenn!

Glenn Bartley said...

Well, nodeer spotted when I was hunting, saw plenty whe I was not actualy afield with my shotgun though, and a small flock of turkeys too. More in a later post.

Thanks for all the well wishes,