Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Macy's may not tell Gimble's...

.....but it appears as if Macy's has told on themselves! Macy's is reportedly dropping a T-shirt they had for sale reportedly because it could possibly have offended Hispanics. According to Macy's Drops T-Shirt After Possibly Offending Hispanic Community @ http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,290517,00.html Macy's brass made the following statement:

"We are constantly looking for unique and differentiated merchandise that will resonate with our customers as hip, current and trendy. We also continue to work in developing
business relationships with minority vendors to serve the growing diverse customer base. We apologize if customers have found some of the merchandise offensive and have removed the style that they found objectionable."

So what was the offensive T-shirt supposed to be like. Well they say it had a saying on it that goes: Brown Is The New White. Was that considered offensive to Hispanics because Hispanics are not brown but come in all colors of all the racial groups, including white. Or was it supposed to have been deemed offensive to Hispanics because it equated all Hispanics with whites? Well pardon me, I am not Hispanic, yet I am offended by such a message. I am a white male, but you could see that from my picture so you knew it already. So where is the apology from Macy's to me and other whites? Heck where is it that they actually figured out this was offensive to whites? It is not there! I guess Macy's thinks it is okay to show disrespect to white folks so long as they do not offend folks of other ethnic backgrounds. I find it highly offensive to think that Macy's has deemed the Hispanics of the world, especially in the USA where is their major sales base, to now wholly be representative of white America as it is implied inn that logo. This apparent anti-white discrimination, by corporations and government agencies, has gone just about far enough for me. I have a Macy's credit card, but not for long. Allow me to pause a few minutes here while I get something done.

..On the phone holding for an automated system...

...On the phone still holding, still automated...

...Still holding, waiting for a person...

...On with Sanjur in person, who is having a bit of trouble understanding my concern, and who wants to give me a 15% discount to keep my card, and keeps giving me his apologies. After a few more minutes on hold and some confirmation stuff, he informs me my account is closed. They will supposedly send me a mailed confirmation of such and he was unable to give me a confirmation number. He says goodbye, I say good bye, he starts to apologize again telling me I am always welcome to reopen account, I hang up as he is still apologizing.

Okay, I am back with you guys, and I no longer have a Macy's credit card. If a lot more people did what I just did, Macy's would have their corporate head pop out of their corporate ass for a least a moment to take notice, and maybe some things would change.

All the best,
Glenn B

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MightyMom said...

we did the same thing with Bank of America. Go to an old post titled "Credit Cards" for the whole story...you might get a kick out of it.

what a strange world.