Sunday, January 14, 2007

Reserving Sundays...

...for rants that are not about doom, gloom, terrorism, killing, war and so forth, is an idea that popped up in my head this evening - heck I mean tonight - since it's dark already. I am kind of toying with the idea being that two earlier rants of mine today were wiped off the virtual face of Bloggosphere by whatever computer heebie-geebies are out (or is it in) there. They were about terrorism, so maybe there is some power greater than my keyboard that did not want them posted, though I seriously doubt it. I figure it was just me screwing up. Well anyhow, that sort of helped put the idea in my head, that is along with me doing things I enjoy more on Sundays than I enjoy writing about the nasty side. So I am fairly certain I won't be blogging about the nastier things on Sundays for at least awhile.

What I think I’ll mostly be ranting about on Sundays is stuff that I find to be on the enjoyable side. Those things would include my hobbies, and other interests like: keeping and breeding herps (reptiles and amphibians) books I have read, firearms, shooting, hunting, fishing, movies I have watched, photography, philosophy, beers and ales, other spirits, and so on. More on this later…

All the best,
Glenn B


jennifer said...

I read this post after I enjoyed my Sunday filled with a challenging game of Risk with the family. I ended up with both South America, Africa, and 1/3 of Asia. So needless to say it was my best game ever against the 4 guys and my daughter and I.(Translation...first time I have ever won!) Then we watched the Monk-a-thon on USA.
Why the itinerary of my day? Because after such a fantastic day with all those I love, I used my blog to vent.
I have decided that I like your Sunday plans and I will follow suit. I will write easy- light hearted good things. My life is filled with an amazing amount of great stuff. So thanks for the idea.
I also appreciate you adding me to your page. As a new blogger I am still learning how to create, add, paste etc. Eventually I'd like to add links and other neat stuff. Well I guess for a while I will learn much every day.
Happy Sunday

jennifer said...

You must be in another time zone, so Happy Monday!