Sunday, March 22, 2020

I've Heard It Asked - Does Anyone Know Anyone With Corona Virus...

...and to that my answer is below and then I ask some other questions and maybe you should be asking them too:

I am not aware of even a single person I know who has contracted COVID-19, let alone died from it; yet, I personally know several folks who have had the flu already this flu season. There has been absolutely no panic over the flu - so it's strange there is such a panic about the Novel Corona Virus in light of the fact the flu has been much worse in number of cases and number of deaths - at least so far.

Exactly what is it that is making everyone panic over COVID-19, especially the governments and medical professionals of the world? What do they know, if anything, that they are not telling us - or is it merely widespread political pandemonium or panicked overreaction?

All the best,
Glenn B

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glasslass said...

My daughter the science person said the biggest problem is that with the flu we have the antibodies to fight it already in our system. But the reason that the refer to this as "novel coronavirus" is that this is a totally new, never seen before and nobody has any antibodies to fight covid19.