Monday, January 23, 2023

At Least 9mm Ammo...

 ...has dropped considerably in price lately despite the inflationary prices on almost everything else ammo. I'd compare ammo prices to the price of eggs and probably say 9mm ammo is currently the better deal but the last two times I visited my local Sam's Club they had zero eggs on the shelves for me to price!
Getting back to ammo, while 223/5.56 ammo remains ridiculously high (why should it being that 9mm prices have fallen markedly) some others have come way down from what they reached during the  buying frenzy caused by COVID & Biden. As far as I am aware, no ammo though has come down to the price it was before those two catastrophic events hit the USA like dual killer hurricanes but you can pick up 9mm (115 grain, FMJ) ammo for $239.95 per case of 1,000 rounds with free shipping. Of course, you need to add tax to that and you can opt to add full insurance coverage and adult signature required. Regardless of those add-ons, that is a pretty darned good price considering as high as 9mm prices had gotten over the past couple or few years.
The retailer I know of that has it at that price is Target Sports USA but only if you are an "Ammo+" member on their site (previously their Prime membership - but my guess is that Amazon did not like that name for it). If you are not a member it goes for $12.99 plus shipping or for $259.80 per case with free shipping. Only Ammo+ members get less than a case shipped for free. I believe it wise to buy it at this price if you need it now or even if you just want to stock up for a rainy day or a zombie 😂 apocalypse as opposed to actually needing it. I foresee ammo prices getting worse again in the short time left to me in my lifetime. No I am not dying imminently as far as I know - just getting, as Pink Floyd sang, "...shorter of breath and one day closer to death..." as each day goes by. 
Anyway, I think it a good idea to stock up on some now and even if it ever goes back down to what it used to be @ of about $189.99 per case for the same or similar stuff then buying even more would be my advice. If it does no go back down and goes up again instead you may lament not buying it now. More on it here at the source.
You can look elsewhere for it on a site like and you may find this particular ammo (or similar) at a less expensive price. For instance, on AmmoSeek, the lowest price for this particular ammo is from a retailer offering it at around 15.3 cents per round, for a 300 round box. At that price it would be around $153.00 for a case of it - which would be a super duper excellent price if that was the whole price or even if you added tax. The thing is, as AmmoSeek indicates, that retailer has very high shipping rates (buyer beware because when you add the shipping quote I got for it, it is shy only a single dollar of double that price and I am not figuring in the tax).
This is not an advertisement for Target Sports USA, Sellier & Bellot or AmmoSeek nor is it SPAM - it is merely me discussing my opinion on when it would be a good time to buy 9mm ammo and some facts on the prices I discovered while searching the Internet for a good price on it. I do not receive anything as compensation from any of those mentioned sites (nor from anyone else) for anything I write in my blog (nor for anything else).

All the best,
Glenn B



riverrider said...

considering inflation and that the market was saturated back then, the current prices aren't that bad. forty-five acp has come down to 20 bucks a box, i've seen decent 9mm for 12.50. both of those were about that price before sandy hook. i'm stacked to the gills as it is. might get some 45 if it holds. no more than i'm shooting these days its a lifetime supply. i ain't expecting to live much past the initial rack n stack anyway.

Feral Ferret said...

I wish .38 special was more available and less costly. It hasn't improved much.

danielbarger said...

At least the ammo has an almost indefinite shelf life. Can't say that about eggs.

Stephen said...

New shooter here, target sports had virtually no ammo back in 2021. Now there are green check marks everywhere. Over a full page of 9mm too. Lots of options.

I use ammoseek as well. Great site. Allows me to exclude retailers that won’t ship to my state.

Think I need to order more…

Glenn B said...


Welcome to the world of firearms & shooting, safe shooting.


I don't know about the shelf life of eggs but they have had a lasting effect on my stomach! They used to be inexpensive protein but not right now. I suppose if you buy powdered eggs they last a long time, maybe as long as ammo if stored right. As for ammo, I have heard it told that current ammo has primers that degrade over time and have an expected life of only about 25 years. Don't know about that as I shot up ammo last year that I got in the mid nineties and it all went bang. No clue what a few more years might have done to it. Still have one box of that stuff, Winchester 9mm NATO but plan to keep it for my forever.

Feral Ferret,

Keep your eyes open for Sellier & Bellot 38 special. I got some a couple of months or so back for about $25.00 per 50 round box. It was SJSP. Don't know how good it is, gave some to my son, kept the rest but have not shot any.