Friday, August 19, 2022

Mind Boggling Suggestions From A Government

 Yes, the culture of Japan is different than that here in the USA. For instance, I could not for a second imagine the government of the United States of America - whether red or blue or in between - to make the suggestion, via a contest, that the Japanese government has reportedly made; then again - yes I could imagine the democrats doing it. That it is that the Japanese government has reportedly started a contest to determine ways to encourage young Japanese people to start drinking more alcohol! They did so in the hope of raising more tax revenue - revenue that the Japanese government has said was greatly reduced due to COVID-19 shutdowns. More at the source
If the politicians (aka: the fools) in government over there, like the politicians (aka: the fools) in government here, had had any sense at all, they seriously would have thought beforehand of the possible terrible consequences of shutting down businesses due to, in my opinion, purely reactionary fears & seemingly unscientific methodology during the pandemic. We, the Japanese and those in many other countries have suffered great financial, social & psychological and quite possibly physical distress because of the morons in government or so I think!
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Glenn B

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Justin_O_Guy said...

It was obvious from the beginning that shutting down businesses would destroy lives. Nobody can be that stupid. Employees have bills, employers have lots of bills. There is no Kings X or Neutral Corner that stops the natural economic needs of a society. That somehow bars and Wal-Mart were exempted was ludicrous.
Stupidity stops being cover for sabotage after a while.