Monday, August 17, 2020

Where Has All The Ammo Gone?

Where has all the ammo gone?
Long time passing
Where has all the ammo gone?
Long time ago
Where has all the ammo gone?
Panicked gun owners bought every box.
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?

Go to the below link for an interesting read about the current ammo shortage and the astronomically high prices:

The worst part is that they estimate 12 months before things return to normal but only if president Trump is reelected (and that would of course also have to include the Dems not taking control of the Senate). The scariest notion of all though is Biden may win and the Demoncrats may wind up controlling both the House & the Senate. Be afraid - very afraid - make sure you go to vote! In fact bring out your dead and have them vote too - they may not be dead yet!😲

All the best,
Glenn B 


"Zack" said...

I got the ammo.

Well, not quite all of it.

Just pretty much most of it.


Heywood said...

During the great panic of 2014, we learned a great deal about ammunition availability. here’s some I remember.

Are they “really” working 24x7 to fill demand? No, not really. Mostly it’s day shift, possibly and extra partial shift for maintenance.
Are the shelves really bare? at retail outlets, yes. At manufacturers and distributors, no, they’re not. Any time a mass shooting that makes the news happens, ammo wholesalers and retail outlets trawl for panic buyers with “get it while you can” ads. Some prices will already be increased, it will be small but it will be there. If they get any traction, the next ad will be more dire. “We are running low, get ammo while you can”. If the media spin cycle goes into overdrive like in late 2013-early 2014, each ad will be just a little worse and the prices will increase to about 100% give or take before the taps get shut off.

Ammunition is not out when the ads say “not available”. Ammunition is not being sold when the ad says not available. Subsequently, ammunition will be rationed out with higher demand calibers hit the hardest.

Presidential election years are always panic buying season for ammunition because it’s always an existential threat to the 2a and it’s always “the most anti-gun ticket in history”.

So there’s definitely a “shortage” for the end user - the shooter, but it’s not so dire as it’s made out to be by our side.