Wednesday, April 24, 2019

My Latest Boomer May Not Be The Loudest...

...when it comes to the boom it produces, nor does it shoot a projectile with a whole lot of oomph, and really when I think of it - it is not officially mine yet. I call it mine because it is intended as a gift to me and will be mine once I establish residency in AR or wherever I go once out of NY. I went to AR, last week to drop off a van load of my belongings at a storage locker so it probably will become my residence at least for awhile. While there for the drop-off, I stayed at my son's place. 

On my first or second night there, Brendan handed me a small box and said 'here is your bears' referring to a bear figurine of an adult black bear and a younger one toasting marshmallows over a campfire that I had purchased online and had sent to him. We had one in NY but it broke, so I figured I'd replace it and send it to him. Turns out he already had another of his own and I figured he was just giving me this new one. He told me to open the box to check to see if it had arrived in one piece. Well, when I opened the box there was something stuffed between the bubble wrap around the figurine and the side of the box. It was this:

Think I was surprised, you'd be right. Think I was pleased - right again! Think I think my son is the best - right yet again! He had bid on this Beretta 950BS in 22 Short, recently on GunBroker and as far as I had known he was outbid. I guess he decided to bid one more time. I had no clue he had been bidding on it as a gift for me even though we had discussed this model, in both 25 ACP and in 22 S, while talking about his like for the Beretta Model 21A in 22LR. For some reason Beretta never chambered the 950BS in 22 LR as far as I am aware. That is too bad; yet, it's no problem there as far as this gun or I am concerned. I love this gift and that my son big-time. Now I'll have a pistol for the 800 rounds or so of 22 short ammo I have on hand; it was just another caliber ammo in my collection waiting for a gun to shoot it. As for the pistol being a gift, once I am in AR he will officially gift it to me. Arkansas is going to be good for me!

All the best,
Glenn B


Storyteller said...

Good kid.

riverrider said...

got one in .25, much underrated. good kid, good dad. take care in your travels.