Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Nice Deal on A Decent Knife

I have had a Buck 110 folding knife for quite the while now, about 5 1/2 years. I bought it with a gift card from my son at Dick's Sporting Goods back in 2012. It cost me $39.99 plus tax. Last year, I busted a small piece of the tip off of mine. My fault, I tried to use it for something I should not have attempted with it. I still have, carry and like mine but would rather have one with the proper tip. So, when Brendan gave me a $50 gift card for Fathers' Day (it came with a choice of about half a dozen stores to get it from) I chose to get it from Bass Pro Shops. When I went to their site last month I saw that the Buck 110 folder was on sale for $34.99. Not bad, thought I, but I hesitated and the sale disappeared.

I have kept looking since then and today I saw it was again on sale. This time though it was one sale for only $29.97! Heck, I ordered two of them and will probably give the second one to Brendan. With tax included, it came out to a total of $65.11 (shipping was free with an order over $50). So, after the gift card, the out of pocket expense came to only $15.11 from my pocket. Not a bad deal at all for me but what makes it even a bit sweeter for me is that the first time I got one, it came with a nylon sheath - these new ones are coming with black leather sheaths - much better in my opinion.

The deal is a "flash sale" so I am guessing it will not last long. It is available either as an online or in store purchase. All in all this is not a bad deal at all for anyone.

Thanks my boy! 😊

All the best,
Glenn B

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