Thursday, June 1, 2017

Do You Hear That Noise?

Sometimes my timing is impeccable. It was that way this afternoon when I arrived home maybe a an hour or so ago. I made something to eat and went down to the basement and turned on One America News Network. That had to have been very shortly after President Donald Trump had commenced his speech about the United States of America dropping out of the Paris Climate Accord so I got to hear virtually all of it that mattered. More here on the pullout.

As he was speaking, I began to realize that there was another noise I was hearing other than his speech and the applause it was receiving and other than any background noise in and around my home. It got louder and louder as the Donald rolled along slamming the Paris Climate Accord and telling us how dropping out of it will benefit the US of A. It took me awhile to realize thee was no single source for the noise but rather that it had many sources and that essentially the same sound was emanating from millions of sources and it was rising to a crescendo. Yet, despite it getting stronger and stronger, the voice of our president telling us excellent news for our economy, and the resounding applause he was receiving, kept the other sound to merely a mildly annoying background chattering.

No that is not right, it was not exactly chattering but it was close. The noise was not chatter but it was vocal of a sort. What it was, and it still persists (don't you hear it - I can hear it still) was the gnashing of teeth of the leftists throughout the world and within our own country who no doubt cannot bear the news that President Trump has freed us from what amounted to another way to rape our resources and our economy and give our wealth to the rest of the world without other wealthy countries contributing their fair share. How was it that Hillary Clinton would likely say what I just said - it was the redistribution of wealth. Hell was it not seemingly one of her main desires - to bring down our economy by redistributing our wealth? My guess is she went into convulsions along with our previous president (who got us into the Paris Climate Accord in the first place). I am sure we will hear from them before the day is done but they may need to rub some tequila over there aching teeth first (gnashing tends to make your teeth hurt).

Somehow, that noise was not very annoying. In fact, I found it quite comforting and must say that it was a nice noise as compared to the moaning and groaning that I am sure will follow it, all coming out of the mouths of foreign politicians, liberal leftists, democrat politicians, greenies, other phony environmentalists, Global Warming To Climate Change hypocrites, hippies, Occupy This Or That types, special interest groups, the main stream media, and RINOs (who always say they are of a conservative or libertarian ilk but who always prove themselves to be otherwise).

Enjoy it while it lasts. I am almost certain that some ultra leftist activist judge will try to derail the pull-out by saying it is unconstitutional. Yet, for the life of me, I cannot figure how such a deal was constitutional in the first place. Think the Welfare Clause that the dems always push in our faces and push it right back at em.

I am ever so happy about my perfect timing today, I not only got to hear the great news right out of the president's mouth but also got to hear that wonderfully woeful music made by the left because it means things are going good for America once again.

All the best,
Glenn B

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