Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sometimes You Just Gotta Take A Hint To Heart

I mean, they weren't calling him "Champ" for nothing.

All the best,


skybill said...

Hi Boomer!!,
Thx for posting!!! Good fun!!

Humble wife said...

Please do not publish:

Thank you Glenn or the links on my dad. I have seen the two and you were correct that I had not seen the other. The information I have now is directly from my mom of clippings, his military record, the congressional record when her letter was read on the congress floor and so much more. I am SO thankful that you shared the links and send you a personal thankyou. My dad is now becoming a bit more than the official memorial sites as I am seeing his last weeks of life in real time albeit 50 years later.

Thank you once again for taking the time to share with me, and my post today may explain things better.

Take care, and chin up as I know it must be hard with your son far away!


bart simpsonson said...

Love the red pants. Bloods?