Wednesday, February 1, 2017

CNN's Trump Immigration "Ban" Hotline

CNN has reportedly published a phone number for people to call and at which they can leave their recorded messages about how the so called "immigration ban", ordered by President Donald Trump, has "...impacted..." them. In other words, it essentially is a snowflake complaint hotline to bitch about President Trump and his immigration policies. I imagine that many leftist whiners have called in and left behind messages including their weeping and the noises made by the gnashing of their teeth.

One caller though had other ideas and gave them a call and left the message as can be heard in the embedded video; if you are sensitive when it comes to foul language this is not for you:

I kind of enjoyed that, not that I wish CNN burns down but that I would not mind them stopping all the leftist snowflake inciting bullshit. So, it was nice to see someone to basically send them the message that their anti-American BS stinks.

A hat tip to 4excal for that one.
All the best,
Glenn B

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