Thursday, December 1, 2016

I Don't Think There Will Be Riots After The Verdict...

...mostly because I cannot see the jury of ex-police officer Michael Slager not guilty in his prosecution for shooting and killing Walter Scott in South Carolina in April 2015. Scott allegedly was shot from behind, multiple times, as he fled from then officer Slager. According to a published report, Slager has claimed that: "...Scott resisted his orders to stop and then grabbed his stun gun as the two men scuffled..." (source).

I saw the video, taken by a bystander, of the shooting and am sure many of you did too. As far as I could tell, Scott posed absolutely no credible threat to Slager when Slager fired at and shot Scott. As I recall, Slager can be seen, in the video, walking over to Scott after he had been shot and then throwing his stun gun on the ground near Scott. Amazingly, Slager is seemingly sticking to his story that it was Scott who grabbed for the stun gun and that he felt threatened by Scott when the video seems to show something very different happened.

Mind you, if there somehow is a verdict of not guilty (or even a hung jury) in this case - there may well be a riotous Christmas season throughout the country.

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Glenn B

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danielbarger said...

All it takes is ONE JUROR to prevent justice from being served.....JUST ONE.
And the odds are good the police union can get one bootlicker on the jury.
So a guilty verdict is possible....but certainly not guaranteed. As for
rioting......those so inclined don't need an actual reason. And a significant
percentage of those rioting are NOT local and NOT personally affected. They
are hired instigators paid by George Soros to foment unrest for political
purposes. Expect rioting, plan on it....put money on it in Vegas, it's going
to happen.