Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Well - Kilted To Kick Cancer Has Begun And...

I am not in it this year. I did not receive an invitation to re-join the fund raiser for 2016, I imagine they sent one but did no have my latest email address. Then again someone over there could have thought to contact me through Facebook or through the link on my blog but apparently no one did that. Regardless, it was my bad for not getting them my new email address.

Even though it was somewhat of a pain in the butt and I was somewhat disgruntled with how it was run last year, I mellowed about all that and would have been willing to do it again. I suppose though, it is okay I am not doing so because to tell you the truth, besides being a labor of love so to speak, it was a pretty big expense considering I had to buy a couple of kilts (and even the moderately less expensive ones are not inexpensive) and accessories, print flyers, make appearances kilted and such. It also was a bummer because I did not raise anywhere nearly as much in donations as I had expected.

So this year, I will pick one of the fund raisers and donate through his or her effort. It sure won't be as much from me as in past years but will be as much or a little more than I can afford right now. I just checked on how much I may get for my 11 year old Toyota Corolla and it seems I would be lucky to be paid $2,500 by the other guy's insurance company for my car having been totaled by him. So, I suppose I will need about another 15 grand to buy a new car. Along those lines, it seems I'll be making a small down payment and will be making payments on a new car for at least a few years.

Oh well, I will donate as much as I can to KTKC and I hope you do too; as I have said before, it is a worthy cause.

All the best,
Glenn B

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