Monday, September 19, 2016

Thank God He Was One of The Stupid Ones...

...because the bombs that he is suspected of planting that did explode caused minimal injuries and the others he is suspected of planting did not explode. He must have gotten a D minus (at best) in bomb-making 101.

Besides being an evidently inept bomber or at least suspected bomber, when confronted by police he reportedly tried to shoot it out with them and they can thank god he was not a better shot. He did however reportedly manage to hit one officer but the officer can be thankful to himself for remembering to wear his body armor and maybe also to God for guiding that bullet into that armor. Another officer was wounded by glass when the suspect shot at officers in a patrol car. The politicians and bureaucrats are all doing their best to pat each other on their backs and to assure that no one gives any indication there is any link to any terrorist group or to Islam in the best manner of political correctness. (Source.)

The suspect was only wounded, reportedly shot in the arm and leg and as far as I feel about that I can only hope he develops a terrible incurable infection and perishes after a long pain ordeal with it. Of course, if he survives this, maybe he will wind up in a nice cozy cell with a very well endowed guy named Bruce (or Bubba) for the next 75 years.

Earlier today, I heard it reported that the bartender who called police did not do so merely to report a man sleeping in the bar's doorway but because he thought the guy was the bombing suspect whose photo had been made public by then. Now those reports seem to have changed to the police being the ones who ID'd the guy and the bartender, in essence, merely calling about a bum on his doorstep.

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