Sunday, September 11, 2016

Interesting Video Of Hillary Clinton Seemingly Being Dragged Into Vehicle

Watch this video:

I just watched it a few times and besides noticing how Clinton was being supported by the barrier, and how she stumbled when she tried to walk, I also noticed that right after 15 second mark the Secret Service Agents are literally dragging her. You can clearly see that her right foot evidently is not moving under her power at all and it seems obvious it is scraping the ground as she is dragged and pushed into the vehicle.  If she recovers, there is little doubt in my mind some Secret Service Agents will be losing their jobs or wind up being transferred, if she is elected, if only because they did not completely block the view of the guy with the camera.

I figure it is either a serious health issue (which has been bandied about for weeks now after some other issues like her coughing spree), or that it is stress related and she just cannot take the run for the presidency (and thus could never take being president), or that she is shitfaced or stoned, or that she is seeking sympathy and acting. I tend to think it is a serious health issue but that is just my guess.

I would say hip-hip-hooray the Wicked Witch of Little Rock is melting but I am not an evil son of a bitch and I cannot do so simply because I am not made of the same stuff as is she. Then again, I wish I was a forgiving and or tolerant enough person to wish her get well wishes for a speedy recovery but I cannot find it in me. I cannot tolerate her or forgive her for what I believe are her plans for us if she is elected as president and she has made those plans evident - to turn us into a tyrannized and divided rights depleted and overtaxed nation with her as the tyrant. It is not that I am wishing she gets worse or dies or anything like that, I just cannot and will not wish her well because I truly think she is trying to destroy our constitutional republic - the United States of America.

Donald Trump may not be perfect but I believe he is one heck of a better choice than is she for the presidency.

A hat tip to New Jovian Thunderbolt where I first saw the video.

All the best (except to her and others like her),
Glenn B

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