Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Have You Ever Enjoyed A Vodka On The Rocks In A Gun Store?

I did that yesterday at the Gander Mountain store in Palm Gardens, FL. I sure did not go thrre expecting to find a bar but while there decided to stop in their restaurant to grab a diet soda because I wsd parched. When I looked inside I was astonished to see there was a full service bar and a mighty nice looking one at that.

Apparently my timing was perfect, for a change, because they had just opened. I ordered a vodka on two rocks with a club soda on the side. Enjoyed it immensely while chatting with Beth, the very nice barmaid. She told me the place is usually a bit slow on week nights but packed on Friday and Saturdays. A surprising find inside a gun store but there because the or an owner of Gander Mountain lives clise by a d that us what the owner wanted. Gander Mountain has moved up a few notches in my estimation.

All the best, 
Glenn B

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