Sunday, September 4, 2016

An 11 Year Friendship Crashes

Right after it happened, I almost started to cry, I got that choked up. Heck, it had been my faithful companion for over 11 years and an 80 year old dickhead ended it all in one fell swoop. The Toyota Corolla - that took us to a few Shenandoah River canoe fishing trips, drove us around about 3/4 of  NY state on a road trip, carried us to Maine for my son's first big game hunting trip (when he got a black bear), ferried us from home and back again on countless trips to my uncles farm and nearby for hunting and fishing fun, brought us into the realm of the Northeast Blogger Shoots at a sooper sekrit location in NH, did likewise down to a couple of shoots in West By God Virginia and faithfully carried us wherever we wanted to go, to do whatever we wanted to do  -  has been totalled.

That fucking dickhead, probably a really nice grand dad but dickhead nonetheless, drove into the arse end of the Toyota last night and did more than enough damage to assure it is not worth repairing. I had just gotten a new exhaust system for $1375 and have not paid a penny of that yet and was thinking the old Corolla might make it at least another 5 years if not 10 and then this guy plows into it like he never even saw us on the road in front of him.

Spun me and the car around into the oncoming traffic lane and I thought it was going to flip but it didn't. I still have a bad headache since last night when it happened. Neck is a little achy too. The scary thing is that last night, hours after the accident, the vision in my left eye got extremely blurry when my head ached the most. Vision got better after awhile but the headache is persistant. Maybe I should have gotten into the responding ambulance and gone to the hospital like the other driver had done. If my head still aches when I get home tomorrow, off to see a doc I will go. Other than a few other aches and pains and feeling miserable, really so, over the loss of my fauthful Corolla, I think I am okay. Supposedly the other driver was unhurt.

Of course, as far as finances will be going, I will soon be broker than broke because I need a replacement car. May have to sell some guns and ammo or take what little money I have in the thrift savings plan out of it.

The only other good thing, besides no apparent major injuries or deaths, is that the police and a guy from the tow company all said the other driver was 100 percent at fault so I imagine his insurance will cover it all. And yes, he had insurance. Covering it though probably means a few grand at most for an 11 year old car but it will be better than nothing toward a downpayment on a new car. That will likely be another Corolla.

All the best,
Glenn B


J Bogan said...

Glenn, if you have kept up on the maintainance, and installed the new exhaust, first document all that for the insurance company. It should (with a stern face and stomping of feet) make them raise their offer for the car. Look at KBB,com,and NADA .com for realistic prices also. Finally, if you have a place to put it, check for the buy back price (typically cheap), and sell off the good parts.

Last thing, GO SEE A DOCTOR,. Do not take a settlement until you are cleared by a real doctor. And go soon.

Jesse inDC

Phil said...

Dude, go see a doctor!

Glenn B said...

Probably will see a doc tomorrow near home.

Glenn B said...

Probably will see a doc tomorrow near home.

Murphy's Law said...

What Jesse said...and GO SEE A DOCTOR!!!

Will said...

In addition to the doc, don't be in a rush to settle with the insurance co. If you have a medical issue turn up a month or so later, you're pretty much screwed, normally.