Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Progression Of The RKBA Since 1986

It seems we are winning the war against the anti-gun nuts but it will remain a never ending battle as long as the leftists want to restrict our rights and liberties in their drive to become all powerful and totally unreasonable. This map can be found over at Radical Gun Nuttery at this link: and there is a good deal of info about the map at the linked page.

Give it a moment and it starts upgrading itself beginning in 1986 and going right up though this year showing how states have become much more gun rights friendly with few exceptions such as NY and CA. In fact, both CA and NY have gotten worse in how badly they restrict firearms ownership. I still live in NY and am hopeful that will change sooner than later.

Of course, a vote for Hillary Clinton, or merely thinking Never Trump and not voting for Donald Trump, most assuredly will lead to a relatively swift reversal on the state level and almost without doubt will result in what could be irreparable damage on the federal level. Remember that if she is voted in and appoints a couple to a few Supreme Court justices our RKBA in all likelihood will be abolished and tyranny will prevail. I believe it would likely take decades to regain any semblance of what we have today via political means or an all out revolution to change the damage Hillary Clinton will have done as president when it comes to our rights and liberties especially with regard to firearms ownership, how and on what we spend our money, raising our children, free speech, energy use, education, freedom of religion, and so on.

A hat tip to PA Guns & Ammo at the NY Firearms Forum for this one.

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riverrider said...

the rkba can not be abolished no more than any other. they are GOD given, inalienable, not bestowed by man nor parchment. they are yours for the taking by virtue of your birth. the witch and her flying monkeys may shred the document, but they can't take my right. its up to me to give it up, or fight for it. i choose fight.