Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Little Red Haired Girl - Gone Forevermore

The Little Red-Haired Girl, the unseen beauty who made Charlie Brown's heart throb and for whom he longed throughout the life of the comic strip Peanuts has passed on. Well, at the least woman on whom the Little Red-Haired Girl was based has left this world.

More about the Little Red-Haired Girl character can be seen

We, those not as outward as others, probably all have had someone like that in our lives, unattainable and yet worshipped from afar. I remember the older blonde haired girl who lived on my block when I was about 12 or so. She was one of those rare beauties and I adored her without once letting her know it; although she teased me so often I am sure she had guessed it. Then one day I asked a friend of her's where she had been because I had not seen her around. The other girl told me she and her family had moved away. That was it, she was gone without even a goodbye. Should have learned my lesson about women then and there. Charlie Brown - you were never the only one with a lifelong cherishing for lost loved one!

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Glenn B

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