Sunday, July 31, 2016

I Wonder If This Guy Was Considered As Sane As John Hinckley...

...when they released him from the hospital where he reportedly had been for most of the last month because he was suicidal? He was so much better upon his release from the hospital that he went to a local Costco, took a knife from the shelves, then started to threaten people - all within hours of his release. One man was the wrong guy to threaten, an off duty corrections officer. The officer was confronted by the knife wielding man who continuously advanced on the officer until the officer finally shot him (source). 

Luckily, for the officer, the man was apparently truly suicidal and evidently looking to be taken down by someone in uniform as in suicide by cop. Otherwise, had the man been intent on harming someone else, the officer would have been likely to have been either seriously injured or killed considering how close he let the man approach him with the knife. While on one hand I can admire the officer's restraint before shooting, I have to wonder was it restraint or anxiety prompted hesitation possibly caused by a thought that maybe he would be prosecuted if he shot him regardless of the guy threatening his life. Then again, maybe it was just not wanting to hurt another person but it could have gotten the officer killed. Anyway, the officer was totally justified in shooting him as I see it.

Hat tip to Ken L. on whose blog I first saw this.

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