Wednesday, April 6, 2016

When Will Europeans (The Real Ones) Get It?

Really, when will the Europeans realize that they are being invaded with the destruction and conquest of all European nations as means to achieve the goal of a global caliphate! Even though faced with overwhelming evidence that such is the case, Europeans seek better ways to allow in Muslim refugees. For instance: "The Commission on Wednesday proposed activating a "distribution key" to spread asylum applicants around the EU. That means each EU nation would have to take a set number of asylum-seekers, according to a quota devised by the bloc" (source). So, in effect, what they will be doing if they implement that is to doom themselves by distributing terrorists more evenly throughout Europe.
They need to realize, those bastards who leave Europe to join ISIS or al Qaeda are not true Europeans, they are Muslims and consider themselves part of the Islamic or Muslim Nation. They hold absolutely no allegiance to any European nation. When they reenter Europe, they, like any others who enter Europe with the intent of jihad, are members of an alien nation consisting only of Muslims who seek to conquer the rest of the world and kill as many nonbelievers as they can kill. I think they should be treated as such, as enemy combatants and the best recourse to assure they fail in their quest might well be to execute them since they are entering covertly and thus should be considered not only as enemy combatants but as spies and, of course, as terrorists. I believe that in addition, anyone else who is a member of the same state (the Muslim religion, for it is indeed a state portraying itself as a religion and the historical record of the conquests of nations by Islam, I think, should be proof enough of that) must be held highly suspect until proven otherwise.
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Glenn B

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