Monday, May 18, 2015

Was Bob A Burglar Or Maybe A Confused Drunk...

...who walked into the wrong apartment through an unlocked door. It's been reported that a woman in New Haven, CT, called the police about someone who had broken into her apartment. She reportedly asked that someone who was in her hallway and received the reply "Bob" from the alleged burglar whom the police are now seeking. Bob then reportedly fled through a backdoor. The thing is, nothing was reported stolen. (Source.) 

It almost sounds to me as if a confused drunk, or maybe just an overly tired and confused person, walked into the wrong apartment through the open front door and then left hurriedly though the back door when he realized something to the effect of "hey, that wasn't my wife's voice"! Who knows, maybe he was a wannabe rapist, a cat burglar or a pyscho or maybe he was just dazed and confused and in the wrong place after a long night partying.

All the best,
Glenn B

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DoninSacto said...

Maybe she should keep the door locked?