Monday, May 25, 2015

Some Excellent Advice About Firearms Training

I agree with virtually everything said in this article containing 10 pointers on firearms training. I think some of the issues need more of an explanation but you get a good general idea of how to avoid pitfalls and to assure you are getting good training.

If you already clicked on the link and read the article you may have noted that number 10 does not seem to have anything to do with firearms training but rather with actual self defense carry and use of a firearm. Believe me, nothing could be further than the truth even though the author expressed is as I just laid it out. When I go to the range, I assure that I have my pistol, extra magazines (or in the case of a revolver in years passed I had extra speed loaders), a flashlight and sometimes even inert pepper spray to use for training. Why anyone go to the range with only the mag in the mag well, or the rounds in the cylinder (without a speed loader ready) to practice for self defense type shooting is beyond my understanding - yet people do it. It is clearly not the smart thing to do though and you should always have extra loading devices with you for your particular firearm(s) when at the range if only because you don't have to stop to reload the mag or cylinder bullet by bullet after each round of shooting. It makes it more efficient, makes if more fun and makes more sense. If shooting for self defense training or practice it is essential to learning how to do it right although it does not preclude you never training and practicing how to load bullet by bullet in the event you wind up someday without a speed loader or without an extra or useable magazine.

Anyway, as I said, I agree with virtually everything that was in the article. From that you can imply that I am a big fan of folks who shoot being properly trained in how to do it. If nothing else, getting enough training will allow you to improvise in a situation that you may not have expected or for which you never trained. Believe me when I say that it is better to have some good training than not to have it when it comes to firearms and their use.

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Glenn B

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Will said...

Never shoot all your ammo when you go to the range. Always keep a loaded mag or speedloader ON YOU. Or, better yet, keep a concealed gun that is not going to be shot that day.

Things happen. You need to survive to reach your vehicle, and then the ride home. People have been shot at ranges. Not common, but it has occurred.