Wednesday, May 6, 2015

He Screws Two Screws And Then He Sues

I find it hard to believe but yes I do believe it. A male inmate, a convicted violent felon, reportedly had consensual sex with two female prison guards numerous times. One of the guards is already serving a prison sentence of about 4 years and the other was recently convicted and is awaiting sentencing. No matter how big it was when he stroked it while waving it at them, if they wanted a big one, all thy had to do was walk up to any man and ask him to show his off while promising to screw him if he was well enough endowed. Now they have screwed themselves into prison terms for themselves.

As for the convicted violent felon, you would think the inmate would have been satisfied with his having screwed two blonde screws but it doesn't end their. Now he is also attempting to screw the state and has filed a law suit alleging cruel and unusual punishment. It does not get much weirder than this. Additional information here.

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Glenn B

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