Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I Cannot Comment On How It Started...

...because the video begins after the initial encounter. However, I can say without one shred of doubt, that I would not trade places with the cop in it right now for all the tea in China because it looks to me as if he unjustifiably and brutally murdered someone. That cop reportedly (and as is seen on video allegedly of him and another man) shot a man in the back as he fled the officer and seemingly posed no threat to anyone. The officer is white, the victim - who died - was black. There is a lot more to it, read the NY Slimes Times article and watch the video that accompanies it here. The video sure appears to be damning on the face of it. If you ever wondered why cops are sometimes called "pigs" (and it has nothing to do with pride, integrity or guts), this may be the perfect reason.

If jurors see that video, the  officer is going to be hard pressed, extremely so, to give any justifiable reason for shooting the guy he shot. As with everyone, he is due his day in court and is innocent until proven guilty but I am a realist too and can easily envision him doing life or maybe even getting fried if SC is a death penalty state. Who knows though, his lawyer may find some way to get him off but if he does get ready for long term rioting. While I cannot condone rioting, I would fully understand the outrage if he winds up being acquitted, at least based on what little I know so far but as I said that video looks damning.

I also would not want to be any LEO anywhere near Charleston over the next couple to few months. It might get almost surely will be very bad after that shooting with violent protests and riots. I must say though, the one thing that Charleston has going in its favor is that the officer reportedly was charged with murder as speedily as he was charged.

On a personal note, I am concerned for a couple of dear friends who are visiting Charleston this week. They likely got there on the day of the shooting and are supposed to be there for a week. I am hoping they stay out of harm's way if the SHTF.

All the best,
Glenn B

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