Saturday, January 24, 2015

Didn't I Just Post About It Being Best To Keep Your Mouth Shut???

So why are the knuckleheads in various gun forums and blogs going on and on about how they are cashing in things like junker guns and cheap magazines for a profit at gun buy backs (and why am I writing about it, more on that later). Take for example the recent gun buy back run by the Central Coast Ceasefire Oregon and the Newport Police Department in Oregon (source). The magnanimous people (with taxpayer's money no doubt) were handing out gift cards and store credits, at of all places a store that reportedly sells guns. Anyone could apparently walk up to the buy back with a trunk load of old rusty junk guns and offload them there for a profit with no questions asked. It seems that a lot of gun owners did just that - got rid of their junk for gift cards. Not only were they giving money for guns, they also were buying so called "high capacity magazines" for $25 apiece - heck you can pick up brand new 30 round AK magazines for $14 apiece (and I would bet you could do better if you looked around some). Then you could sell them there for a profit of $11 each which would be pretty nice. I wish I had been in OR for that sale because I could have loaded up with magazines in advance just to sell them at a huge profit margin. I may have to keep my eyes and ears open to find out when the next one will take place there or anywhere. If I get enough advance warning, and they are still offering the same deal, I may be purchasing a hundred AK mags or so and making a profitable trip to the Beaver State or anywhere else they are doing it with no questions asked!

Chances are though, with all the yapping that has been going on about the gun buy back programs, specifically the ones at which gun owners stand to make a profit, so much so that it has made Fox news (and probably others), these programs will be shut down or modified so that a decent and law abiding gun owner won't be able to sell a thing there. I'm surprised that these gun buy backs are still being run at all considering the findings, as reported by Fox News, of the National Research Council in 2004. Those findings in essence stated that gun buy back programs are flawed in their logic and ineffective in practice because in part that “guns that are typically surrendered in gun buy-backs are those that are least likely to be used in criminal activities,”. They also went on to say: “In contrast, those who are either using guns to carry out crimes or as protection in the course of engaging in other illegal activities, such as drug selling, have actively acquired their guns and are unlikely to want to participate in such programs,". Dah, do ya think! It's obvious that the anti-gun groups, politicians, bureaucrats and police departments who run these things did not think one bit about it and had no problems wasting taxpayer's dollars and went right ahead and did just that probably because it was politically advantageous for them!

Now, I promised I would get back to explaining why I am writing about this after calling others knuckleheads for having done the same. The cat is already out of the bag; what those other folks did was to make national news and probably will result in ruining a good thing (well not ruining a good thing for the taxpayers but certainly for gun owners trying to turn a quick buck on clunkers). What I write now is of little consequence.  My blog, with all of its maybe 125 readers a day is not going to have much effect on gun buy back programs if any at all. What may happen though is that my one or two sometimes readers in OR may read about this. Then they may try to attend the next gun buy back out that way, showing up with a trunkful of old rusted AK mags or an armful of clunker guns that they can turn in for gift cards and then later use them to buy guns & ammo. That would be okay by me even if it is the taxpayer who winds up paying for their guns & ammo. Only In America Folks!

All the best,
Glenn B

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