Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Shopping

Have you finished your Christmas shopping? Not me! There is nothing quite like the thrill of waiting until the last few moments to get your Christmas shopping done. Running and diving for that "exactly right" Christmas gift, that just happens to be the last one on the shelves, is an adventure not to be taken lightly. It requires courage, agility, speed, patience, abilities to procrastinate far beyond those of mere mortal men and true Christmas spirit!

My nerve endings are tingling in anticipation of the madhouses I am going to visit tonight and tomorrow as I do my last minute Christmas shopping. Will I get it all done?  I am certain to do so but assuredly not until closing time at the last store I visit tomorrow and that is likely to be the last store that will be open in my area. The anticipation is killing me (or maybe some other holiday shopper reaching for the same last minute gift, and last available one at that, will do that for me).

You would think that by my age (which remains a secret but it is pretty old) I would have learned to get my Christmas shopping finished by October but then where would be the excitement in that!

All the best,
Glenn B

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