Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Knockout - A Reminder To Always Be Alert

Young New Jersey urban criminals reportedly have been "playing a game" called knockout in which they randomly attack a victim to see if one of them can knockout the person with a single blow or flurry of blows. Amazingly, the reporter says they are playing a game, to me it certainly appears more as if they are committing a violent felony. They may think that a game but I certainly do not and I am sure that their victims do not.

The prospect of being attacked like this is scary and should evoke enough fear in you to not walk the streets alone. If you need to be out alone, I think you need to consider only going out while armed, in some legal manner, for self protection. That is easier said than done in NJ, so maybe some folks should just refuse to walk the streets alone, especially since these cowards are targeting lone victims. It should also make people scared enough to realize they should always remain aware of their surroundings and of the potential for threats. Even if you are armed and see a group of teenagers come your way, maybe you should consider avoiding them.

I can say that if anyone attacked me like those attacks seen in the video, and if I was not knocked out, I quite possibly would respond with deadly force if I believed I was still under threat. Anyone attempting to knock me out in one shot or a combination of blows and kicks would obviously be using enough force to seriously harm or kill me. (I refer to the videos showing the people hitting the concrete hard). Closed fist punches to the head and neck were considered to be deadly force, in our use of force policy, when I was a federal agent. In my opinion, I justifiably would be in fear for my life and limb if under attack like that. Think about that, study up on justifiable use of force in your state and locality, and be prepared. Do not let your guard down, and remember it is best to avoid such a situation but if you wind up in it, I think,  you should be ready to fight for your life.

All the best,
Glenn B

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