Saturday, August 31, 2013

From Gung Ho Here It Comes... wait a minute, I think we should do it but I had better throw it into the laps of the legislators just in case (source) it comes out fucked up. That is my assessment of today's announcement by the not so commanding Commander In Chief of our armed forces.

It is all well and good with me, I am hoping that going the Constitutional route will have Congress say "screw em, let them all kill themselves without any interference from us". I am, of course, referring to the debacle that has been Obama's and Biden's, pretty much, unilateral decision that we need to attack Syria.

08/31/2013 at 2008 hours - edited to add: By the way, when and if Congress votes down an attack on Syria - you know that president Obama will absolutely, positively, definitely play it for its political worth and will bitch, moan and groan about how he had been all for it but the wimps in Congress, especially the Republicans, voted against him. If, by some bizarre twist (bizarre if no new game changing instance of chemical warfare happens between now and then), Congress actually approves a missile strike on Syria, then you can bet how much Obama will take all of the credit if it goes well even if he has to twist it to say that he got bipartisan support but only because he made such a convincing argument. If, on the other hand we attack and things go wrong, Obama will piss vinegar and moan and groan in agony about how it was Congress' fault that everything went bad because they were not behind him from day one and thus took too long to get it done. Mark my words, it is inevitable - one way or the other.

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