Sunday, August 11, 2013

Expanding My Firearms Related Links List

A couple of days ago, I removed one ammunition dealer from my links list relative to buying firearms, ammo, parts and such. Today I expanded that list. I changed it from pretty much just including dealers who deal directly with the public to also including manufacturers who may or may not deal directly with the public. That means I added a bunch of firearms manufacturers and ammunition manufacturers too. I also added some direct dealers that were not on the list before. Too many to show here, just look to the right side of my blog page and scroll down to: FIREARMS, AMMO, PARTS, ACCESSORIES & SUPPLIES - DEALERS & MANUFACTURERS - which is located in the blue sidebar.

All of those listed (and there will be more when I have the time) are either dealers from whom I have purchased before and with whom I am at least fairly satisfied as to service and price or are manufacturers whose products I own currently or have owned before. In the case of manufacturers, I may also have had direct dealings with some of them - for instance: Glock, Beretta and Remington.

Just because I removed one dealer from my list, pretty much because I did not like their pricing, does not mean I am about to remove the rest of them or not continue to add to the list. I think it important that we keep sharing information among ourselves, the shooting community, about the availability of what we each believe to be good and fairly priced products and that we let each other know about the companies who make and sell them to our satisfaction. 

All the best,
Glenn B

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