Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Kentucky Gun Co. - A Class Act

I had never heard of the Kentucky Gun Company prior to the assassination of Bardstown, KY Police Officer Jason Ellis on May 25th of this year. You may recall reading about him in the news; he was shot after stopping to remove some debris from an exit ramp off of a highway. The killer had evidently left it there and called it in and had pre-planned the assassination, if not of Ellis then of any officer who would have responded.

Then somewhere, I do not remember where, maybe on a firearms forum or on a gun blog, or on Facebook, I read that the Kentucky Gun Company ( was holding a fund raising raffle event for the family of officer Ellis. As I recall, the tickets were $5.00 each and the prize was a Henry rifle. I was really amazed, and I use that word literally, to have received an email from the president of KYGunCo yesterday with an attached video announcing the winner of the rifle. No, I did not win; I received the email because I had bought a few raffle tickets from them and thus made a donation. While the video was part of my amazement, what amazed me was not so much that they sent out a video to make the announcement but the content of it. That content reflected what I am sure must be the nature of all those involved with the fund raiser and the making of the video. That nature and the outcome were beyond my expectation. You have to watch the video to understand what I mean.

The folks at KYGunCo are a class act. The dedication of a small company, its owner and its employees, to do something nice for the family of the fallen officer, and the response coming from what assuredly was mostly the firearms owning community, was impressive. Together they raised a substantial amount of money for the fallen officers family and showed me that all is not lost in America.

All the best,
Glenn B

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