Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mantyhose - Please Tell Me This Just Ain't So...

...and if it is so, tell me - why weren't they named Pansyhose as I think the name would have been much more suited to most men who will wear them. Yeah, I know, the metrosexuals of today would say I am manty-phobic or something like that. The truth is I am not afraid to tell it like it should be: pantyhose and stockings are women's wear and what are Mantsyhose but pantyhose with a letter changed. After all, it sure as shit does not appear like the gender of those wearing them has changed because every guy in the pics on the Mantsyhose website and in the accompanying video looks like a wussie to me.

It was bad enough when my son bought me some tight Under Armor long-johns but at least they were in Realtree camo. What can I say, I have values and sensibilities of yesteryear.

All the best,
Glenn B


Dan said...

In 1993 at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO Charlie company of the 3-10 wore queen size panty hose ever day of basic training. Our drill sergeants told us that they prevented chafing. I think they just wanted another reason to laugh at us.

Humble wife said...

Sounds like the government sales pitch...same thing new name an voila its not pantyhose!?

This is no surprise nowadays though. Seems like men aren't taught the basic skills of living but they have matching hose and shirts!!

No thanks! I prefer the kind of man that doesn't really care about what he wears as much as he cares about the content of his character.

I don't suppose you will be rushing out anytime soon to color coordinate your wardrobe~~ will ya?