Friday, May 18, 2012

Africa, Antarctica and South America...

...are the three continents from which my blog receives the least traffic. Every now and then I get someone in South America to take a look, used to have a regular down that way but whomever it was seems to have given up on me. As far as Africa goes, every now and again but even less so than South America, I get someone in Africa to take a look. Those folks are usually located in some Islamic nations in northern Africa, like Egypt. I do not think I have ever gotten anyone in Antarctica to view my blog. I do not even know if SiteMeter, whose free service I use to check my blog's stats, registers hits from Antarctica.

Oh well, just a useless set of facts on in which continents my blog is viewed the least. Maybe I should write up some posts on big game hunting in Africa, or about the pyramids in Egypt, or the Inca temples in Peru, or about Argentine beef, or about how friggin cold it can get in Antarctica, or on Penguins to get their attention (the people, not the penguins) in those places. I will admit, my blog is meant for anyone to read, but without a doubt I write for an American audience. That is meant as in the America the country, not either of the Americas the continents.

It is nice though, to see that I do garner quite a bit of interest, on a regular basis, in other places such as in Asia (for instance folks Japan, S. Korea, India are all among the regulars), Australia (a few different locations in the country and continent of the same name), Europe (England, France, Germany,  among my regulars there) and the other countries in North America (a few people in Canada are regulars, one I think of in Nunavut Province on Hudson's Bay, I forget the name of the town) outside of the USA. It also would be nice if folks in South America, Africa and Antarctica also had that much of an interest but such is life, I suppose my stuff just does not appeal to them. 

All the best,
Glenn B


uncle david said...

I actually look regularly....uncle david

Glenn B said...

You're not in Antarctice, Africa or South America last I heard - are you?