Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gun Show Blues

Brendan and I were to have been leaving for the Syracuse Gun Show Trip tomorrow morning but I am singing the blues. Looks like he will be staying home buried under a pile of school work and I will be making the trip alone. Though down in the dumps over Brendan not being able to make it, I am still going. I have been planning this for a year now and see no reason to miss it, at least no reason for me to miss it.

I am fairly ready to go. I have three purchase documents. The purchase document  is required paperwork needed to buy a handgun in NY. You cannot just show your pistol license but have to buy a purchase document from the local issuing authority, then have it with you when making a purchase. Their is a section to be filled out with the buyer's info, one to be filled out by the seller with his/her info and a section to fill out with make, model and serial number of the handgun that is being transferred. One the sale has been completed, this form has to be brought back to the issuing department within 10 days and the new handguns added to your license. The cost is $10 per form, they expire on December 31 of the year in which issued. If unused you lose the money you paid for the documents. I bought three, not so much because I am certain to buy three pistols but because there is a decent chance I will buy one at the show on Saturday and maybe one or two at an auction next weekend. I have my eye on a Colt Officer's Model, .38, Target, 2nd issue and a couple of Ruger MKIIs, among others at the auction. While I am hesitant to spend a lot of money on three guns right now, let alone even one, until my pension is straightened out, these would all be bought for investment and collection purposes. That is only if I can get them at a decent price at auction.  I know I can always turn these around for cash or use them as barter if needed at some future time.

I do have some few things that need to be made ready before I take off. I've got to fill the gas tank on the Corolla, I have to get my fishing gear ready (I plan to make one or two stops to wet a line and maybe also try to catch some crayfish), I have to print up some maps or grab the wife's GPS. Other than that, I think I am just about ready to go and have some fun while someone else is weighted down by the burden of textbooks and term papers. Maybe I'll buy him some ammo, that should put a smile on his face.

All the best,

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