Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tax Time Is Upon Us & I Am Just Sitting Here Feeling Miserable

Yep, that pretty much sums up my day at home today - feeling crappy. It's not because tax time is upon us, I can feel lousy without any help from the tax man. This past Friday, I went to see the doc over a sore throat I had for about a week and was told to take some antibiotics. On Saturday, I got pretty sick and I was pretty ill from Saturday through Tuesday. I was too sick on Saturday to get back to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription and only asked my son to go to get it about 5 minutes after the pharmacy had closed. (I thought it was open til 9 but they now close at 6PM on a Saturday - new hours - they have got to be kidding). So, my wife got it for me on Sunday. Then stayed home in bed through Tuesday. Yesterday, I went to work (for some unknown reason) because I thought maybe I was better enough to go and get something done. Then, by yesterday afternoon, I felt crappy again while still at work. Last night it hit me again like a half ton of hippo feathers and I am again feeling like shit today. I guess the antibiotics are not knocking it out and I may have to head back to see the doc again tomorrow. I hope not but, the way I feel right now, I am pretty sure that will be the case.

I did do a little something today, besides sleeping and watching TV when awake, to prevent boring myself to death - though that was not much. I worked on my son's taxes for 2010. If I got them right so far, he should get a decent refund (maybe he will treat me to a cheeseburger & a beer). I have not begun my own tax returns yet. I semi-dread doing my own taxes but that is not why I have not started them, I just don't have almost any of my, or my wife's, tax papers for this year yet. I hate waiting for that stuff because, by the time it all arrives, I usually lose the impetus to get the returns done quickly. Hopefully though, I'll have em done within a week of getting the W-2's and 1099's and such.

All the best,
Glenn B


Anonymous said...

FYI if you itemize your your deductions you cannot file your return before Feb 14. This is due to the extension of GWB's tax reduction that Obama was forced to renew for another year thanks to the Republicans.....Feel better...Al

Glenn B said...

I thought they fixed that already, I'll have to double check.