Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ballseye's Gun Shots 55 - Reloading Kits - Time To Make A Decision...

...and if you know anything about reloading, I could use your help.

Now that I am back home from Phoenix, and since I have read the ABC's of Reloading, I am ready to pick up a reloading kit. The ones I am considering are listed below. Note, I am not going to necessarily buy them from Midway USA but am just using links to their site because they have all the ones in which I have an interest right now. Once I decide on which one to get, I will shop around for price, for example Cabela's has the RCBS kit at about $23 less than Midway.

Here are the ones I am considering right now:

1. Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Single Stage Press Kit -

2. RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Single Stage Press Master Kit

3. Lyman Crusher 2 Single Stage Press Expert Kit

4. Lyman Crusher 2 Single Stage Press Deluxe Expert Kit 110 Volt

5. Redding Big Boss Single Stage Press Deluxe Kit

Feel free to leave comments, based upon your own reloading experience, about which you think is the better deal.

Glenn B


Kansas Scout said...

If your going to reload for pistol you want a progressive turret type and not the kind your looking at. Take a look at Lee. I have a Lee turret press and it will do it all and much faster than the kind you point to. It is more than strong enough and lasts great. Do yourself a favor and check out Lee. It all works great and costs much less. I can load .270 and .45acp .357. I have a turret for each caliber which makes changeover a snap. Midway sells Lee too. The other stuff is all good but it is much slower than a turret press. Start with Lee.

Glenn B said...

I had been thinking about the Lee kit but have read and heard too many complaints about the quality control for their products. Some people swear they are great, others that they are crap, and it seems there are few in between. That worries me about them. I sure could save a bundle up front buying one of their kits but am concerned it would cost more in the long run. Right now I am leraning toward the Hornady Kit and then getting a balance scale for it. The Hornady free bullet offer will help some with the value for the buck.

All the best,