Monday, August 11, 2008

I Will Write To McCain - I Hope To Help Put An End To This Now

McCain is, in my opinion, considering ruining the Republican Party and all for which it has stood and for which it stands with his consideration of Lieberman for a running mate. I hit on this days ago here, and I will pull my support for McCain and for all other Republicans this election day if he chooses an ultra liberal Democrat like Lieberman as his running mate. I do not care if that means Obama wins. You see even if McCain wins with Lieberman, the Republican Party will have been devastated and so will the United States of America just as soundly as if Obama wins. The Republican Party had best wake up to the fact that it has a base of voters who will not stand for mavericks who go completely over to the dark side. If that means letting Obama win, so be it.

I had thought McCain had backbone, and respect for many of the more conservative issues, but if he picks Lieberman he will have shown us otherwise. It will have show us a truly bizarre side to him - his liberal Democrat side. I am going to write to his campaign now, and write to the GOP now. I am going to protest the fact that he has even gone as far as to simply consider Lieberman. I will tell them my money stops coming in if he chooses Lieberman. If many people do just that, well I imagine then you could just watch how fast he deselects him from consideration.

If you are not convinced that you may need to do something about this, look at this quote from the above linked article:

""Conservatives would be p---ed as hell - I think you would have a revolt, but sometimes John does what John wants to do," the adviser said."

Well how about Senator McCain doing what the Republican voters want him to do? Isn't it us whom he is supposed to represent! It is about time he started representing we Republicans, and not giving in to his tendency to have a fit and then placate himself in whatever manner he chooses to further spoil himself rotten all so he can be a maverick. He ran as a Republican, now let him start acting like one; and this is coming from me who is only a fairly moderate conservative at that. I think that if others do not wake up to see the devastation a vice president like Lieberman would bring to the Republican ticket and Republican Party, well then the Republican Party is lost as are many of the Republican Ideals upon which said party once stood. You see, it cannot be victory at any cost because once we win at any cost we give up our ideals. When we do that in an ideological contest, such as is a political election, we have defeated ourselves win, lose or draw. It is exactly what I believe McCain is now considering in order to come out on top in the election. Shame on him, he will not be worthy of at least my vote if he does so.

All the best,
Glenn B

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