Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Soldiers' Holiday Package Fund...

...has had a few contributions made to it. So far I have received $150 into my PayPal account (only 3 donations) for the fund; add to that $30 cash that I was promised by my brother-in-law, and $50 that I will contribute and the total to date is $230.00 (5 donations in total so far). That is a nice amount so far, but I am hopeful that more will come in by the December 7, 2007 deadline for contributions. A few folks whom I know personally asked me for my mailing address and will send me checks so I am pretty certain the amount will grow.

What surprises me is that none of the readers of my blog have made a contribution. So far every contribution I have received, or every inquiry I have received about the fund drive, has come from someone who is a personal friend such as folks I know from work, folks I know from the LIHS or a relative. This has had me wondering why none of my blog readers seem interested. I guess it could be several things: maybe you folks are doing your own things regarding such a good cause and planning to send your own holiday package, maybe you do not think it a good cause, maybe you are waiting for some extra cash (please don't wait beyond the deadline), maybe you just cannot afford this with the holidays coming (please think of what our troops allow us to enjoy at the cost of their own sacrifices), maybe you do not know me enough to trust me (see my feedback at and at - use gbarthgwt for my user name at each to check the feedback), maybe you thought it a good idea but have forgotten about fund drive, maybe you are just a procrastinator like me, maybe you do not trust PayPal (I have used them for years now without problems). I am hopeful though that some of my blog readers will help out for this cause. As I said earlier, and I'll say again, you do not have to send much - send a dollar if you can, but if you can afford more then send whatever you can afford.

If for some reason you think this effort is not worthy of a contribution then please leave me feedback to let me know why. You do not have to do so by logging on, do it anonymously. If you do think it a worthy effort, please make a contribution before the deadline, but the sooner the better so I ca start making contacts to purchase the flashlights and other gear hopefully at a discount.

All the best,
Glenn B


Greybeard said...

Sorry I couldn't do a little more Glenn, it's definately a worth project.
We've just learned the hard way, how much General Motors has cut their health benefits to retires. (didn't leave much for this month)


Glenn Bartley said...

You sent in a donation and there is nothing about which to feel sorry in that regard. If it had been only a dollar it would have been good enough, and you sent better. The money will be well spent on gifts for Bob S, and his unit (12 people in all - I just found out today).

By the way, unknown to me Bob was on leave here in the US with his family recently. He was to have been here until the 21st, but was here through Thanksgiving because of an admin messup. I guess that was good for him he was here for the holiday and spent more time with his family.

He is now on his way back to Bagram, Afghanistan. I don't know how they do it, that is go back to those places and face what they have to face. Bless them for it though, they are the true protectors of our people, our nation and of freedom.

All the best,
Glenn B

Glenn Bartley said...

By the way, Greybeard sent in a donation even though he was just hit hard financialy. Come on folks, use that as an inspiration to make a donation for our troops. If he can do it - so can you.

Thanks to all,

Shelley said...

My daughters, age 6 & 7, are excited to donate the contents of their piggy banks, (9 dollars and 18 cents, which I am rounding up to 10 bucks) to this cause. I appreciate your hard work on this great project.
Happy Holidays and God Bless.