Thursday, September 27, 2007

Is It The Blooging Blues...

...that causes a lot of people who blog to not blog that frequently? Or maybe I should ask is it the blues that makes them not blog as frequently as they once did. Now maybe it is just my imagination, but I would have sworn that some of my favorite bloggers used to blog a lot more than they have as of late. Some of them have not entered a word into their blogs in weeks! What gives?

I fall into it sometimes myself, that is into a slump where I cannot get myself inspired to write about something; but when that happens I try my darnedest to get at least a little spark fired up over something, and then write about it. Of course I also miss days when I am just too tired because it was a long one at work, or because other obligations or things kept me from the computer; but I almost feel an obligation to blog as often as I am able to. Besides that I like doing it, I like writing, and I like having my stuff read by folks who seem to enjoy it (that gives one a nice feeling of a job well done). I guess that helps keep me at it pretty regularly. So if any of you are out there, just feeling the blogging blues, and therefore not blogging, let me give you at least one reason to get back to it: Your readers miss your stuff. Sure we can live without your blogs, but life is much more interesting with them; so please start tapping away on those keyboards again, it is always nice to hear from old friends again.

All the best,
Glenn B


Jungle Mom said...

Sometimes my blog takes over as if it has a life of its own. I am always glad to see when someone updates there blog and even worry about them when they seem to not be blogging. LOL!

MightyMom said...

I take bloggy breaks when I'm particularly stressed and down in the mouth....I prefer the blog to stay silly and off the cuff so occasionally I skip a day here and there while I search for my attitude adjustment.

It is nice to feel like you've been missed though!

Steve said...

I've noticed the same from some of my regular reads. I haven't been writing much myself, in part due to a 3 week old baby who needs frequent diaper changes, help with his reading, and 40 yard spiral passes. :)

There is A LOT of blogworthy stuff going on though.