Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ouch... neck and back just went snap, crackle, pop at the same time. Yeah, you guessed it, the first nice Saturday of April and I was at Home Depot earlier, then out in the yard the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon. Linda and I got a bunch of yard work done. Although the little gardens in the few spots around the perimeter of our front and back yards don't look like much yet, my neck and back are stiff and aching.

Most of that soreness is from sifting the compost pile. I got a good amount of compost and used some of it to mix into the soil where I will plant some veggies. I also already used some of it in pots, one pot with cherry tomatoes, and another with strawberries. My wife also used some of it in her flower garden and flower pots. I am curious to see if this compost will work better than potting soil and fertilizer. Time and my yield will tell. I planted one other tomato plant and a couple of basil plants to start off the season. I still have a long way to go. I will be starting somethings from seed this year, like radishes, beets, lettuce, spinach, green beans, and one or two others. Hopefully it is not too late to start any of them in this area fro seed. In the past I would have planted earlier this month, but this one has been a cold one.

As for the flowers, Linda and I picked out some nice petunias, marigolds, columbine, and geraniums. Its a start, but I am pretty certain at least one or two more trips to the garden center will be forthcoming in the next 2 weeks.

All the best,
Glenn B


jennifer said...

It sounds fun, except the soreness! We put our garden in the first week of March, of course I am in the desert.

Glenn Bartley said...


Well it was fun because I did it with my wife, although I don't think she shares the sentiment.

It is also quite the good thing to see things grow, and to know that you had a hand in it, especially if it tastes good later on the tongue, looks good later to the eye, or smells good later to the nose. of course walking on some nice grass feels good to but I am none to good at lawns. Now that i think of it, listening to the birds a nice garden attracts is also pretty neat.

All the best,

Jungle Mom said...

Well, if you read my post about gardening, you know I haven't tried in awhile and we are moving in June. My daughter does plant rose bushes everywhere we live.