Sunday, January 28, 2007

A few Happy (?) Events... today's news.

First I bring to your attention the
Lucky Duck story all over again, but with a new twist. Yes I mean the duck that was shot last week by the hunter, then put into the fridge, only to give a scare to the hunter's wife 2 days later when she opened the fridge. Well it seems the duck underwent surgery, and had another close call, it was badly effected by the anesthesia. The doc gave it CPR (can you imagine lips to quacker) and it recovered once again. Amazing bird. This duck may actually be a catbird with 9 lives!

Then there was the story about
Ice Block falling from the sky and the guy whose Ford Mustang was obliterated; and while that is not good at least the guy was not driving it at the time, and that has to be very good. In fact no one was injured. The truly amazing thing is that the FAA is uncertain if a plane was involved in the incident, but then again I guess refrigerator sized pieces of ice falling from a clear blue sky are an everyday occurence in Florida.

Yes there are good stories in the news if you look for them.

All the best,
Glenn B

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Anonymous said...

Glenn, the exact same thing, (in a smaller scale) happened to us early this winter. (in Northern Michigan)
We were driving down an open road, (about 35mph)with no cover for hundreds of yards on either side. The temperature was about 33 degrees and there had been some very light snow earlier. Suddenly a basketball sized piece of frozen snow and ice landed on the hood of my truck, and burst against the windshield. I stopped and scanned the horizons but there was no where that the ice ball could have come from but the sky. It warped the hood on the (new) truck, and made a minor paint gouge where it struck.
I'm living with the damage, because I don't know how to expain it to the insurance guy. :-(