Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Heading Out, In A Minute, To Vote...

...but before I leave home toward my polling place, I just wanted to make sure there is no question as for whom I will cast my ballot today.

No, I am not a practicing Christian but I do believe in many of the fundamentals taught in the Bible and do believe that this nation was founded in good part upon those that were deemed moral, ethical and just by our Founding Fathers (they realized too that many principles within the Bible were unjust and thus did not incorporate those into our way of governing ourselves). No, I am not going to the polling place to shoot anyone; I am not a psycho-killer. I will not even bring a gun to the polling place (think it is illegal), but I certainly do base my vote upon protection of my rights and liberties and most importantly upon my liberty to exercise my rights. Without the power to defend our liberty we would be a nation enslaved and while still having rights would never be able to exercise them. Guns give us, We The People, the ability to assure that we are not ruled by tyrants who would strip us of the rights and the liberty to enjoy them as we see fit.

As for the shirt, you can bet your bottom dollar I will be wearing it when I vote. Since it is illegal to display such things in polling places within NY State, I suppose I will have to cover it up when at the polling place. Yet, it will be on me when I vote and that will at least give me some personal satisfaction. Hat tip to Wirecutter for telling me where to get one of these excellent shirts.

All the best,
Glenn B

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