Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Latest Boomers

I promised to show pictures of the latest two rifles I picked up at auction a week and a half ago, then promptly forgot all about them until I took the Winchester 290 to the range two days ago. Got stuck working yesterday so first chance I got to do it was now, that is once I remembered I needed to post pics. So, without further ado, here they are:

The Winchester 290 is pretty good shape. There are some minor dings on the stock and foregrip but nothing that goes all the way through the finish. The blued parts probably have 95% plus of the original finish remaining, the receiver (which I am guessing is aluminum) shows wear and I am guessing has at least about 85% finish remaining. After shooting it at the range to days ago, I can say it is a decent shooter at least as a plinker goes and it might be more than okay for hunting squirrel. If I decide to keep it I will throw a scope onto it to see how much better I can get it to shoot with one in place. It operated okay at the range with two exceptions. When the bolt was allowed to close with a fully loaded magazine, it did not strip a round the first time. I had to pull the bolt back again, let it fly forward again, and then it would load the first round. It would then load properly for each subsequent shot but I had to repeat the process the next time I loaded a fresh compliment of rounds into the mag tube. I am left wondering if that is a safety feature or a glitch. The other thing about it that was not problematic but certainly was not what I would want in any of my firearms, especially a 22, was a horrendous trigger pull. I am guessing that the amount of force needed to pull the trigger was at least 12 pounds and maybe more. Regardless, I was able to pretty much hit what I was shooting at with the target at 15 yards, standing, unsupported hold.

As for the Savage, I have not fired it yet, still do not have any ammo for it. The photo I have of it shows some of its features such as an AccuTrigger, AccuStock, an adjustable cheek piece and an adjustable muzzle brake. That is not a stock photo but the pic used for the auction catalog of the actual gun I purchased.

I also will have to get a scope for the Savage, another reason it has not been fired yet. I am not going to spend an arm & a leg on glass for this rifle but figure to get something of at least decent quality - possibly in the $300 to $400 price range, or less if I find a good bargain; whichever price level though, that has to wait until I am back in the black. In the beginning, I am just going to slap whatever extra scope I have around (I have a couple of real cheapies) on it for its first range trip. I may also slap one or three of my grandson's Huggies on my right shoulder considering what I have heard about the recoil from the 300 WIN MAG cartridge.
All the best,
Glenn B

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Anonymous said...

I have a 190 Winchester that was my very first gun. I got it for Christmas when I was about 10 or 11 years old. Mine also has the terrible hard trigger pull, but has been a good dependable rifle, shot a bunch of squirrels with it over the years. Hope you enjoy your 290. If you find out a way to lessen the trigger pull, without sacrificing safety, please post.

Lloyd in NC