Thursday, August 23, 2018

God Damn, Well I Declare...

...opportunity knocks! A gun I have wanted for awhile is about to be offered for sale in the not too distant future. If it is in good or better condition, I may bid more than it is worth, by the book, to finally acquire one. Then I may retire from gun purchases for quite awhile, if not forever, because I am broke enough now to now I'd have to be a fool to buy one of them. Then again, they do not come up for sale often and I'd be a bigger fool if I let this one pass me by (if in good or better condition).

Wondering what gun I am talking about? Go fuck yourself if you think I am telling. I am not about to say which maker & model number it is if only because I don't want to completely give away any hope of getting my hands on it but truth be told I have mentioned wanting one before. This particular gun is my holy grail so to speak. Want to compete with me for it, then guess which one is it and where and when it is being sold, and try to out price me. I may leave you spending more than you want. The anticipation is killing me.

All the best,
Glenn B

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